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Welcome to Georgia

You can begin or end your hike at hundreds of places between the Appalachian Trail's northern and southern ends. Here's what to expect in Georgia. 

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​RATING: 2-7
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North Georgia mountains are nothing like the rest of Georgia.
The mountains are substantial—the highest peak is taller than 3 1/2 Empire State Buildings. You won’t find peach trees blooming or peanut farms here! Almost half of the A.T. in Georgia passes through federally designated wilderness.

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Stay away in March and early April.
Campsites are very crowded with thru-hikers and spring breakers, and the weather can be miserably cold. Because of the height of the mountains, the snowfall and cold temperatures can rival some a thousand Trail miles north. You can encounter snow from November through March or April, and during cold snaps temperatures can dip to single digits.

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Georgia Elevation Map

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