Mapping and GIS Data

AT Earth OverlookAccurate maps are essential tools for anyone who walks or works on the Appalachian Trail. The Trail is constantly changing: new land is acquired, shelters are added, access points are closed. The Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) uses geographic information system (GIS) and global positioning system (GPS) technologies to:

  • Store information for the 250,000 acres of public land associated with the A.T.
  • Produce maps for publications and presentations
  • Analyze the potential impact of towers, highways, and powerlines
  • Identify threatened areas to help focus protection efforts
  • Map Trail resources, from shelters to wetlands to endangered species
  • Conduct Trail assessments and collect data for environmental assessments
  • Design future Trail routes, camping sites, and other features
  • Calculate acreage for agricultural fields and other managed areas

Appalachian Trail Mapping Resources

Topographic Map Information

Interactive topographic maps

Interactive topographic maps let you enter a place name or geographic coordinate and see the location on the appropriate topo map.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

  • Links to free software, data, training, news.
  • GIS Data Depot Includes USGS digital topographic maps (Digital Raster Graphs—DRG), Digital Elevation Models (DEM), Census TIGER files, Wireless data.
  • Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies The University of Arkansas' guide to U.S. geospatial and attribute data.

Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

State GIS Data

Maine Maine Office of GIS
New Hampshire New Hampshire GRANIT
Vermont Vermont Center for Geographic Information
Massachusetts Massachusetts Geographic Information System
Connecticut Connecticut Map And Geographic Information Center
New York New York State GIS Clearinghouse
Cornell University Geospatial Information Repository
New Jersey New Jersey Spatial Data Clearinghouse
GIS at New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Spatial Data Analysis
Maryland Maryland Maps—GIS Resources at the Maryland Office of Planning
West Virginia West Virginia State GIS Technical Center
West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection Digital Spatial Data Archive
Virginia Virginia Geographic Information Network
Tennessee Tennessee Spatial Data Server
Tennessee State GISource
North Carolina North Carolina Geographic Data Clearinghouse
Georgia Georgia Spatial Data Infrastructure
Statewide GIS Data from Georgia Tech