Regional Partnership Committees

There are four regional partnership committees (RPCs) corresponding to the ATC’s four geographical regions. Generally, the RPC includes one primary and one alternate representative from each of the Appalachian Trail-maintaining clubs in the region.

The RPC's serve as communication links between the Trail-maintaining clubs, the ATC, and agency partners and as advisors to the ATC regional directors and the stewardship council on Trail management issues and policies. RPCs do not create ATC policy, but provide forums for discussion and review and make recommendations on proposed policies.

The Trail clubs select their RPC representatives, and the chair of each RPC is selected by its members. At least one member from each RPC is appointed by the ATC board of directors to serve on the stewardship council.

Each regional partnership committee is self-governing within parameters set by the board. The current makeup of the committees and the club affiliation of RPC members are listed below. 

New England Regional Partnership Committee

  • RPC Chair: Bruce Grant, Maine Appalachian Trail Club (Alternate)
  • RPC Representative to Stewardship Council: Cosmo Catalano, AMC-Berkshire Chapter
  • Don Stack, Maine Appalachian Trail Club (Primary)
  • Tony Barrett, Maine Appalachian Trail Club (Alternate)
  • John Scarinza, Randolph Mountain Club (Primary)
  • Mike Micucci, Randolph Mountain Club (Alternate)
  • Sally Manikian, Appalachian Mountain Club (Primary)
  • Andrew Norkin, Appalachian Mountain Club (Alternate)
  • Nichole Hastings, Dartmouth Outing Club (Primary)
  • Rory Gawler, Dartmouth Outing Club (Alternate)
  • Dave Hardy, Green Mountain Club (Primary)
  • Kathryn Wrigley, Green Mountain Club (Alternate)
  • Steve Smith, AMC-Berkshire Chapter (Prinary)
  • John Sullivan, AMC-Berkshire Chapter (Alternate)
  • Dave Boone, AMC-Connecticut Chapter (Primary)
  • Henry Edmonds, AMC-Connecticut Chapter (Alternate)

Mid-Atlantic Regional Partnership Committee

  • RPC Chair, 2012-2014 (first term): Ron Rosen; New York-New Jersey Trail Conference (Representative)
  • RPC Vice Chair, 2013-2014 (first term): Anne Griffin, Allentown Hiking Club (Representative)  
  • RPC Secretary, 2012-2014 (first term): Susan Charkes; Batona Hiking Club (Representative)
  • RPC Representative to Stewardship Council: Gail Neffinger (New York-New Jersey Trail Conference
  • Walt Daniels, New York-New Jersey Trail Conference (Alternate) 
  • Jan King, Wilmington Trail Club (Representative) 
  • Craig Hall, Wilmington Trail Club (Alternate) 
  • Mike Hughes, Batona Hiking Club (Alternate) 
  • Dan Schwartz, AMC-Delaware Valley Chapter (Representative)  
  • Bill Steinmetz, AMC-Delaware Valley Chapter (Alternate) 
  • Paul Schubert, Philadelphia Trail Club (Representative) 
  • David Scheid, Philadelphia Trail Club (Alternate) 
  • Scott Birchman, Blue Mountain Eagle Climbing Club (Representative)
  • David Reitz, Blue Mountain Eagle Climbing Club (Alternate)
  • Barb Wiemann, Allentown Hiking Club (Alternate)
  • Phil Day; Susquehanna Appalachian Trail Club (Representative)
  • Cindy Radich, Susquehanna Appalachian Trail Club (Alternate) 
  • Tom Morley, York Hiking Club (Representative)  
  • Gwen Loose, York Hiking Club (Alternate)
  • Michael O'Conner, Mountain Club of Maryland (Representative)  
  • Rosalind Suit, Mountain Club of Maryland (Alternate) 
  • Kevin Shannon, Cumberland Valley Appalachian Trail Club (Representative)  
  • Christine Lauriello, Cumberland Valley Appalachian Trail Club (Alternate) 
  • Pete Brown, Potomac Appalachian Trail Club (Representative)  
  • Rush Williamson, Potomac Appalachian Trail Club (Alternate)

Central and Southwest Virginia Regional Partnership Committee

  • RPC Chair Trudy Phillips, Natural Bridge A.T. Club (Alternate)
  • RPC Vice Chair and Representative to Stewardship Council: Ned Kuhns; Tidewater A.T. Club (Alternate)
  • Phyllis Neumann, Tidewater A.T. Club (Primary) 
  • Theresa Duffey, Old Dominion A.T. Club (Primary) 
  • Lori Ando, Old Dominion A.T. Club (Alternate) 
  • Mike Rieley, Natural Bridge A.T. Club (Primary) 
  • John Miller, Roanoke A.T. Club (Primary) 
  • Mike Vaughn, Roanoke A.T. Club (Alternate) 
  • Doug Atwater, Outdoor Club at Virginia Tech (Representative)  
  • Dr. James Tanko, Outdoor Club at Virginia Tech (Alternate) 
  • Jim Houck, Piedmont A.T. Hikers (Primary) 
  • Steve Yonts, Piedmont A.T. Hikers (Alternate) 
  • Bill Hurlebaus, Mount Rogers A.T. Club (Primary) 
  • Terry Walker, Mount Rogers A.T. Club (Alternate)

Deep South Regional Partnership Committee

  • RPC Chair: Bill Van Horn, Nantahala Hiking Club
  • RPC Vice Chair: Jim Reel Carolina Mountain Club (Primary)
  • RPC Representative to Stewardship Council: Rebekah Young, Smoky Mountains Hiking Club
  • Keith Moses, Georgia Appalachian Trail Club (Primary)
  • Mark Rottman, Georgia Appalachian Trail Club (Alternate)
  • San Ho Choi, Nantahala Hiking Club (Representative)  
  • Olga Pader, Nantahala Hiking Club (Alternate)
  • George Ritter, Smoky Mountains Hiking Club (Primary)
  • Ed Fleming, Smoky Mountains Hiking Club (Alternate)
  • Tim Carrigan, Carolina Mountain Club (Alternate)
  • Steve Perri, Tennessee Eastman Hiking and Canoeing Club (Primary)
  • Steve Wilson, Tennessee Eastman Hiking and Canoeing Club (Alternate)