The Appalachian Trail Conservancy’s conservation work is focused on the protection and stewardship of land surrounding the Appalachian Trail (A.T.). This land base, spanning the Appalachian highland region from Georgia to Maine, connects significant state and federal lands and functions as an important flyway and migratory corridor. Running primarily along the ridgelines, Trail lands also protect headwater streams for major east coast watersheds. This protected area is one of the most significant corridors, or greenways, in the eastern United States.

Our conservation work is focused on identifying high priority tracts for permanent protection, working collaboratively with numerous conservation partners. We advocate funding land protection and for best management practices to effectively steward these lands in perpetuity. The ATC also plays an important role as land managers, assisting with the natural resource management of corridor lands to ensure that the integrity of protected A.T. lands is upheld for future generations to experience and enjoy. We strive to base management decisions on sound science and we work cooperatively with partners to develop our conservation approach.