Appalachian Trail Community: Waynesboro, VA

The City of Waynesboro, Virginia is located within 2 miles of the entrance to the Appalachian Trail. By nature of the city's proximity, Waynesboro lends itself as a resource for many hikers. Community members, City departments and organizations recognize the volume of hikers that spend time in Waynesboro and have developed tools to help make their stay more efficient and enjoyable. Within a few blocks of each other there is a full service grocery store, the post office and the library, which prove to be common stops for many hikers. In addition and within the same area, the YMCA offers hikers a facility to shower and land for camping overnight. The Waynesboro Area Learning Tree allows hikers free use of the internet. Many local community members offer hikers rides to and from various destinations.

The City of Waynesboro produces a hiker’s guide titled ‘Out and About In Waynesboro.’ This guide is produced to help acquaint hikers and thru-hikers with resources in Waynesboro. The City of Waynesboro office of tourism manages the Rockfish Gap Visitors Center, which serves as a great resource for hikers as they enter Waynesboro. The volunteers provide hikers with information about the necessary resources and services that are available and offered within the community.

The committee strives to educate locals about the natural beauty of the Trail and encourages community members to explore, preserve and take pride in the outdoors.
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