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Konnarock Projects Round Up 2016

by Natrieifia Miller

Konnarock is a trail crew program founded in 1983. Teams of 10 go out five days at a time to build​ or re-build a piece of the iconic Appalachian Trail from April through August. The Appalachian Trail Conservancy provides, training, equipment, and room and board, but our stellar volunteers do the rest.

Check out all they did (the hard work and the goofy moments) in this video.  

For more details on these different projects please refer to the posts on the
Konnarock Blog. If you’re 18 years or older and looking to get out in nature while also making a great impact, visit the Konnarock page on the ATC website to learn more. Registration for 2017 crews opens mid-Winter.

A Few More Highlights

Week 3: Konnarock's Crew 1 hosted Hardcore, working with current year thru-hikers, MRATC, TEHCC and ALDHA to complete a staggering amount of work over two intense days in the Mount Rogers High Country.

Week 4: Crew 2 was a special group from the University of Central Missouri's Veterans and Military Success Center. They already want to come back for two weeks next summer!

Week 5: Crew 2 consisted of volunteers from Virginia Tech's VT Engage program, a program designed to inspire civic engagement among VT students.

Week 6: Crew 1 began a relocation project on Seng Ridge in North Carolina, near Camp Creek Bald. This crew included members of the inaugural Conservation Leadership Corp (CLC) program. Jeremiah “Jay” Roy, a CLC member, wrote a post about his week with Konnarock and it will be posted here on The Register Blog soon!

Week 9: Crew 2 had an especially important project to take on at Rockfish Gap, a significant landmark where a northbound A.T. hiker enters the Shenandoah National Park, or a southbound hiker leaves the Park to spend almost 400 miles primarily in Virginia's George Washington and Jefferson National Forest. Huge thanks to the Ozark volunteers with us all the way out from the Ozark Trail Association in Missouri!

Volunteered Hours Completed 2016

8,765.5   Konnarock volunteer hours from 135 Konnarock volunteers

1,898      Club member hours working alongside Konnarock

10,663.5  total volunteer hours on Krock projects

Konnarock ran at 82% capacity for 2016. Help us get to 100% in 2017. 

Natrieifia MillerBlogger: Natrieifia Miller
Trail Program Assistant with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy
Based out of Asheville, NC
 Biology Student, University of North Carolina Asheville, in Asheville NC

Josh Kloehn

Josh Kloehn
Title: Resource Manager with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy
Based out of Roanoke, VA

Kathryn Herndon
Kathryn Herndon
Title: Education and outreach coordinator with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy
Based out of Roanoke, VA

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