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What do Volunteers want? Appreciation! How do they want it? Find out!

by Natrieifia Miller

This infographic was originally posted on GloboForce by Darcy Jacobsen.

Though it references employee satisfaction and retention from a business standpoint, it is important to recognize that the same rules apply for volunteers. There is value to each of our organizations stewarding the A.T. ​when we appreciate the exceptionally hard work all of our great volunteers put in to the Trail.

The highlight to glean from this graphic is that the most coveted form of appreciation and recognition is praise, which doesn't cost a cent!

Keep in mind that while this praise should be given openly and often,​ remember to be sincere with every remark. 


What is your favorite way to be appreciated? 

NatrieifiaBlogger: Natrieifia Miller
Title: Broader Relevancy and Engaged Partners Intern
Appalachian Trail Conservancy
Based out of Asheville, NC
Affiliation: Biology Student, University of North Carolina Asheville, in Asheville NC

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