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What is Good Trail Design?

by Natrieifia Miller

Check out this informative video on Trail Design, presented by ATC Southern Office Regional Director, Morgan Sommerville.

Discover the truth behind why ​trails have steps. If you've ever wondered about when to relocate a trail ​versus when to focus efforts on rehabbing that trail this video will give you the answer. Sommerville dips into the truth into why trails have steps. Plus, you, too, can learn to do the Dance of Destruction!

If you still have questions after viewing the video, please leave a comment and we’ll try to answer them as promptly as possible!

Blogger: Natrieifia Miller
Title: Broader Relevancy and Engaged Partners Intern
Appalachian Trail Conservancy
Based out of Asheville, NC
Affiliation: Biology Student, University of North Carolina Asheville, in Asheville NC

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