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Welcome to Maryland

You can begin or end your hike at hundreds of places between the Appalachian Trail's northern and southern ends. Here's what to expect in Maryland.  

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The Appalachian Trail in Maryland follows a 40-mile route along the backbone of South Mountain, a north-south ridge that extends from Pennsylvania to the Potomac River.
This state is steeped in Civil War history and home to the original Washington Monument. This section is great for three- or four-day trips, is easy by A.T. standards, and is a good place to find out if you're ready for more rugged parts of the Trail.


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Camping is allowed only in designated overnight sites.
Blazes on the C&O Towpath are infrequent. It's best to hike here mid-April through mid-June or September and October. The summer heat and humidity can occasionally be oppressive.

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