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Welcome to Maine

You can begin or end your hike at hundreds of places between the Appalachian Trail's northern and southern ends. Here's what to expect in Maine. 

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Maine is the A.T.'s most challenging, rugged and remote state, and it has the wildest feel of any area of the Trail.
Maine features some exciting features that are rare elsewhere on the A.T., including wildlife like moose and loons and pristine lakes. It's also famous for hosting the hardest mile of the Trail: Mahoosuc Notch. 

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Maine is famous for its unbridged stream crossings, which can be hazardous after spring snowmelt and heavy rains.
The Kennebec River, the wildest unbridged crossing, has a free ferry service in the form of a canoe during hiking season. This is the A.T.'s official and historic route; fording the river is extremely dangerous because the water level can rise rapidly and without warning.

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