Appalachian Trail Conservancy Offers Wilderness First Aid Certification

Date Published: Jan 20, 2012

Gatlinburg, TN (January 20, 2012) – The Appalachian TrailConservancy is accepting applications for their Wilderness First Aid Course at the Twin Creeks Science and Education Center in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park near Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Public is welcome to take this training opportunity alongside Appalachian Trail Ridgerunners.

This two-day course will be held over February 27th and 28th, and is open to the public at a cost of $150 per person. Overnight accommodations are available at no charge.  If you are a day-hiker,backpacker or outdoorsman, this is a great way to be prepared and stay safe. Fast paced and hands-on, the agenda covers a wide range of wilderness medicine topics for people who travel and work in the outdoors.

This course is pre-approved bysuch organizations as the American Camping Association, the United States Forest Service and other governmental agencies 

Recommended for: avid hikers, teachers leading school trips, backcountry guides, canoe trip leaders, private expedition groups, college/university outdoor education programs, hiking club trip leaders, wilderness therapeutic programs, and adventure race safety personnel.

To enroll or for more information, please contact Andrew Downs with the ATC at 828.254.3708 or [email protected].

About the Appalachian Trail Conservancy
The Appalachian Trail Conservancy mission is to preserve and manage the Appalachian Trail – ensuring that its vast natural beauty and priceless cultural heritage can be shared and enjoyed today, tomorrow, and for centuries to come. For more information please visit

Contact: Andrew Downs
Appalachian Trail Conservancy
Tel. 828.254.3708 x14
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Email: [email protected] 

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