Berkshire-Area Philanthropist Honored By Appalachian Trail Conservancy

Date Published: Sep 02, 2011

Great Barrington, MA (September 02, 2011) – The Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) honored Mary Margaret Kellogg for her years of service and generosity to the Appalachian Trail (A.T.) during her memorial service this past Saturday, August 27th. David N. Startzell, Executive Director of the ATC, presented a resolution during the ceremony that acknowledged her lasting legacy to the Trail and reaffirmed the organization’s commitment to the care and use of the property now named in her honor as the ATC’s Kellogg Conservation Center.  Mrs. Kellogg passed away this spring at the age of 94.

Mrs. Kellogg’s relationship with the ATC grew from initial discussions to convey a parcel of land of her beloved property, called, “April Hill”, to the American people through the National Park Service for the A.T. Inspired to go beyond a narrow corridor, Mrs. Kellogg employed numerous conservation mechanisms to preserve the scenic values, to promote active agriculture, and to protect the cultural heritage of her beautiful New England farmhouse nestled below Jug End in southern Berkshire County, Massachusetts.  In addition, she reached out to her neighbors and became a leader within the local land-conservation community.

“The Appalachian Trail Conservancy has always relied on others who have been united for the protection of open space and the conservation of land,” stated Startzell. “Mrs. Kellogg embodied this idea and was a generous benefactor to the Appalachian Trail.”

In 2004, Mrs. Kellogg’s entire property was conveyed to the ATC so that this organization might continue to further her vision that it become a center for conservation, education, responsible agriculture, and hiking. 

A trust fund was also established at that time to defray the costs associated with caring for the property.  Since that time, the ATC has established a regional office at the site and continues to work on developing plans and establishing partnerships to further the ATC’s mission and the vision that Mrs. Kellogg shared.

On July 3rd, 2011, during the 38th meeting of the ATC in Emory, Virginia, a resolution was passed unanimously by the organization’s membership commemorating Mrs. Kellogg for her generosity and commitment to the A.T.

In addition to Mrs. Kellogg’s support of the Appalachian Trail, she also served on the Board of Overseers at Bard College for several years, and was key in the college’s relationship and eventual joining with Simon’s Rock College.  The Kellogg Music Center at Simon’s Rock was relocated and renovated in 1992 through a gift from Mrs. Kellogg.

Bernard Rodgers, Chair of Literature at Bard College and Leon Botstein, President of Bard College also spoke on Mrs. Kellogg’s behalf at her memorial service.

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