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Who We Are

In 2015, we celebrated 90 years of protecting the Appalachian Trail. But we're not just focused on the past. In cooperation with our partners and supporters, we are already looking ahead to the next 90.

ATC Mission Vision Values by Brent McQuirt 

Our Mission, Vision and Values

We exist to preserve and manage the A.T. Read our mission statement and learn more about the values that help us achieve that goal.

ATC History Myron Avery and Group 

Our History

Our existence dates back to 1925. Although we've evolved since then, our mission of protecting the A.T. has remained the same.

five year strategic plan


Effective Stewardship

​​Lead a public/private partnership for managing the A.T. treadway and corridor lands.



Proactive Protection

Advocate for broader protection of the natural and cultural resources within the A.T. corridor and adjacent landscapes.



Broader Relevancy

​Engage with and connect the A.T. and the ATC to a younger and more diverse audience and broaden the understanding of the physical and mental benefits ​the Trail provides to a variety of users.



Engaged Partners

​Engage and maintain a network of partners that reinforces ATC's goals for the A.T. and its programs.



Strengthened Capacity & Operational Excellence

Create a financial foundation and the organizational capacity to ensure long‐term success.


get to know ​us

Our staff may be spread out between Georgia and Maine, but we all have one thing in common:
we're a passionate group who loves the Trail we work so hard to protect.

Board of Directors

Our 15-member Board works closely with staff to help us achieve our mission of protecting the A.T.

Stewardship Council

Our Stewardship Council assists our conservation department with policy and program development.

Advisory Circle

Our Advisory Circle is a diverse group of individuals who provide thoughtful leadership and outreach to help us fulfill our 5-year Strategic Plan.

31 Trail Maintaining Clubs

Our 31-Trail Maintaining Clubs are responsible for most of the day-to-day work of keeping the A.T. open. In addition to Trail maintenance, club volunteers build and repair shelters and other structures, monitor and protect the Trail corridor, monitor and manage rare plants and invasive species, develop management plans for their sections, and much, much more.

Regional Partnership Network Icon

regional partnerships

We work with a variety of regional partners, including government agencies, Trail Maintaining Clubs, A.T. Communities and Regional Partnership Committees. These partners span the four geographical regions of the Trail and represent 14 different states.

Accountability and Transparency Annual Report Financials

accountability and transparency

Our supporters trust us in managing the money they donate. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of financial accountability, and we willingly provide our audited financial statements, annual report and Form 990.

ATC Careers Find Your Career Path White Blaze 


We were named one of Outside's Best Places to Work in 2014. There could be a place for you here.

ATC Internship Program Carlen Emanuel with Interns 


Our interns don't fetch coffee, but by the end of an internship, they may know how to make a mean cup in the woods.

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Media Room

If you're a reporter (or just curious), we've compiled interesting stats, facts and more for you here.

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Get in Touch

Whether you have a question or want to tell us about your hike, here's how to reach us.