Hikes: New Jersey

Hike Name Pinwheel's Vista
Closest Town Highland Lakes/West Milford, NJ
Difficulty Level** Moderate to Strenuous - the hike has a few steep ascents and descents, but is mostly on level ground.  It is long however.
Distance 9 miles round trip
Features Great views of NY/NJ mountains
Description From the Wawayanda State Park headquarters, follow the 0.3 mile bllue-blazed trail, which leads to the A.T. Turn left and follow the white-blazed A.T. south.  In 0.1 mile, reach the 0.1 mile side trail to Wawayanda Shelter and continue hiking along the A.T. as it follows several other woods roads.  The steel bridge over a stream is 1.1 miles from the shelter side trail. As you walk along the mountains, the Trail continues to follow roads and in and out of the forest.  Two miles beyond the steel bridge, walk alongside a stream and then cross another stream near a waterfall. In 0.5 mile, cross a stone wall, descend and climb again, and reach the junction with the blue-blazed Wawayanda Ridge Trail at mile 4.3.  Continue following the A.T. and, in 0.1 mile, reach a second blue-blazed trail which leads to the right for 0.1 mile to Pinwheel's Vista.  To return, hike back on the A.T. and pick up the blue-blazed trail to the Wawayanda State Park headquarters.
Directions The headquarters for Wawayanda State Park is on Warwick Turnpike in New Jersey about 3 miles south of the New Jersey - New York border.


Hike Name Pochuck Crossing
Closest Town Vernon Valley, NJ
Difficulty Level** Easy
Distance 2 miles round trip
Features boardwalk and suspension bridge
Description The boardwalk starts shortly after following the A.T. south from the parking area.  Depending on when you visit, you could be traveling over dry-to-moist land or across a vast and shallow lake.  When you reach the suspension bridge you are about halfway through the route.  The end of the boardwalk marks the place to turn around and return to your car.
Directions Follow NJ 517 south from Greenwood, turn left onto Maple Grange Road, and turn left at the next intersection onto Canal Road. Parking is available at the trail crossing about 0.5 miles ahead.


Hike Name High Point Monument
Closest Town Montague, Colesville, NJ/Port Jervis, NY
Difficulty Level** Moderate - a moderate climb with only one short, steep section.
Distance 3 miles
Features Panoramic views, highest point in NJ
Description From the parking lot at the park headquarters, follow the A.T. north, cross New Jersey 23, and reenter the woods.  In 0.75 mile, there is a short, steep ascent.  In another 0.25 mile, you will reach the observation tower with its commanding view of the area. From the platform, hike 0.25 mile to the blue-blazed trail, and follow it 0.25 mile to the summit (elevation 1,803) and High Point Monument.  Retrace your steps after visiting the monument.
Directions High Point State Park headquarters is on New Jersey 23 about 7 miles south of Port Jervis, New York.  Turn right into the parking lot, which the A.T. passes, and look for the trail crossing on the driveway near the road.


Hike Name Sunrise Mountain and Culver Fire Tower
Closest Town Frankford, Branchville, Layton NJ
Difficulty Level** Moderate - walking easy with small ascents and descents, though hike is long
Distance 7.2 miles
Features Many views, including a panoramic view from the fire tower
Description Follow a short side trail from the parking area, coming to the views from the Sunrise Mountain Pavilion at 0.1 mile. The shelter was built in the 1930s and, true to its name, is the place to be as dawn puts an end to darkness. Continuing south on the A.T., a ledge provides an additional viewpoint before you enter woods and walk the broad crest of Kittatinny Mountain.  Pass by Tinsley Trail to the right at 1.1 miles, a slight view to the west at 1.2 miles, and the Stony Brook Trail (leading to Gren Anderson Shelter) at 2.5 miles.  Cross Stony Brook at 2.6 miles, pass the Tower Trail at 3.5 miles, and come to Culver Fire Tower at 3.6 miles.  The clearing around the tower will provide excellent views if you don't want to climb its steps for the 360--degree vista.  Return to the Sunrise Mountain parking area by heading north on the A.T.
Directions From US 206 in Culver Gap, follow Uper North Shore Road for 0.25 mile, turn left onto Sunrise Mountain Road and follow it to the parking area at road's end.